Character Magnets Available For Purchase!

Posted on March 04, 2017 by ankee

I was in Japan over New Years visiting Chelsaur and while in Akihabara at the amiami store we came across these:

They had Enstars Lucky bags! Both general ones and unit specific ones. After much agony we were deciding between a heavy general bag and a Ryuseitai specific one. The final vote was set to rock, paper, scissors, I on the general bag side vs my friend on the Ryuseitai bag side. I lost three in a row. Ryuseitai bag it was!

After lugging the bag all the way home we were finally able to open it!

It contained a Tetora Manjuu which made Chelsaur extra happy but the rest of the bag was the real surprise!

There was basically an entire Enstars Kuji in there! One that Chelsaur had been trying to get the Chiaki figure of. There was also a complete I prize set, which was a magnet of each boy!

Some of these magnets have been claimed but I would like to find the rest of them a home! I have put them up on our store page here: Store Page

The magnets are about three inches high and stick nicely to magnetic things! They all will come with their kuji box and are in their original plastic packaging.

I will be shipping them from Colorado and am using Shopify and Paypal to handle the ordering and payment processing. They will all be shipped USPS. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me through the form in the website footer or leave a comment here.