Hajime - Raincoat Chapter 2


(ぁ れ は "" "Transfer student senior?


(I'm still not going enough and I'm back for it already)


(Senpai does not care about me, I mind you) "


Senpai, I really am sorry =


For me, running in the rain ... ... I'm sorry I can not raise my face


…‥·! I agree. Thank you for apologizing, I would be pleased to inform you of my gratitude


I was wrong. Senior student of transfer students, thank you. Eggle, somehow became easier ... ...


Is it raining at you in that hand?


No, it's okay. I, I love pink color ... ... "


However, the colors of rainbow waves are pink and personally pleased


Besides that, you can wear it in the size of your seniors {"It's D arrangement ... .... I'm going to try it for a moment


Good and good night "" "Hisashi


Well, I've come home. It is a fingerprint. "" ""


It is the first time since primary school students to wear rain wings. When I was little I was wearing rain wings and playing with puddle well ~


Dirty the pants and my mother was getting angry. Is it surprising? It certainly does not come to imagination from me

Although I did not train as much as to say "a squirrel"

I remember having bothered my mother with a little mischief. But my sister and younger brother have been able to become an older brother ......

Then, is not it. It was that I was mischievous

You can not stay in the forever. I have a younger brother and sister, so I think I feel responsible for not being firm

Oh, I'm sorry. I am not interested in my family situation. Nevertheless, I am sorry to talk for a long time!

...... Senpai is kind. I feel relieved when I am with my senior, and it is comfortable.

Well, I wonder why you are pretty shy, but ...?

He is already at such a time

If you talk here forever, the sun will go dirty and let's go soon ...

By the way, is it the first time to go back to school with a senior who is a transfer student?

Thus - when I told everyone that she was going back to school, I think she will be exactly ~

Oh, of course if it did not want you to tell my seniors, I'll keep it in my chest

Well, from here it is a way to go? The seniors of the transfer students are on the right ??? Left ?, it's with me

To hehe. I am still happy to be involved with seniors this time, "is" "" "Vengeance


I'm sorry. I have a habit of squeezing humming when I am happy ... .... Beautiful voice, is it?

Wow! Thank you very much!

Rain, it has risen

... ....! Senpai. Look at the sky, the sky!

Here, rainbow is appearing ~ tsu "

Wow, it's beautiful ...

Although I heard that Rainbow can be seen nearby in the morning and evening. You fortaken it was just the evening

I need to thank the rain for such a beautiful rainbow to be championed "">>

Excuse me, senpai. Well ... ... Can you take a picture with this smartphone, vengeance

Are you okay? Thank you very much!

Hey, why not?

Chi, Chi!

UU. I wonder how you can shoot it ... .... I feel nervous.

...... Wow ......! It is soooooooooooooo beautiful. "" ""

Senior student of transfer students, thank you very much "" "" "

Seniors next ... .... Rainbow "" "!"?

Well, sorry, senior!

As long as I was afraid, before shooting my seniors, I saw it disappeared ... as soon as I could have taken a picture of my seniors ... ...

Well, since it is reflected together, senpai may be disgusting, but if it is okay with my picture I will send it to my senior's smartphone?

Leaving just the rainbow, it is all right even if you cut it otherwise. Even seniors just want to distract their emotions. "" "" "

Wow, what is wrong, Senpai? I, something strange ......

I was impressed, was it? My senior also impressed me with this picture, did not I?

I think that this picture will be shown to everyone tomorrow. I guess that everyone will be touched like a senior

Everyone is happy if everyone will be happy feelings


Oh, I forgotten about it


If it rains, I have to return rain wings to my seniors. My senior, thank you very much. Let me be this thanks soon


I can do something like sewing, cooking, cleaning, and cleaning. So, please let me know anything ... · · ·