Rockin Star - Prologue


麓 ゝ ん 麓 ゝ $ ん ん》》


(Hhy, well, this time has come! It was quite announced-though I was keen to stop this year)

(Don't you think it's the last moment to do something like this on a large scale every year?)

("Rock Festival" is definitely not for me-it's an event. I will also take off the upcoming [Harloin Party] event-only for event)

(If you say "Haguchin", the UK where I love you is the birthplace of "" ""

(U K Rock is also made in the UK. It is a great opportunity to show my talents to the professionals, with professional musicians also participating in 'Rock Festival'

I will do my best with the audience, not to mention the performers. So the tremors sufferers ...!

Um, the advice!?, Teme ~ When did you start?

I'm sorry. Because the door was open, I thought that there was no problem and I just entered. Let's be careful from the next

I wonder if I forgot to close ~. I was angry and was bad, Advertising

Well, I don't care. Rather than it, it looks good on her skin. Okami, did something good happen?

Well, are you not aware of Park Men`s Teme ~? If Teme ~ really wants to know, I can teach you?

It is a great god. But, I was forced

Before, Okami would have said. "Don't do something that you don't want to do!"

If I was in the position of Okami, it would be disgusting if the other party asked me to dig root

So, even if Okami thinks it's okay to talk, I should just talk

...... Good-looking "good la" chan appeals. Chige ~

Read the air more, I'm interested in knowing about me!

How's it going? Did you think that you thought you were good? How did I do "" "p

I have to ask that person for it. I will tell you only this time from how-to-you. Next is ~?

Um. Let me have a good time, Ogami

Look at your face and decide whether your opponent hates the topic. Well, did I have a disgusting face?

I didn't like it, but I had a face that looked more than happy

I told you that if you want to know, you can tell me, but the truth is, I wanted to talk and it seemed that there was no way

Teme, Teme knowing so far ...! Oh yeah, I wanted to talk to someone, I can not help, Bad damn it!

Really……. I understand, Okami. Talk to me anything if you can

Can I sit in this pipe chair? If someone in the light sound club comes, stand and listen

The schedule is ~. Vampire Yaro ~ is also jealousy and sleepy, do not worry

So, excuse me

...... Ogami, I'm not so nervous Still who will come?

Chige ~ yo. Adonis, I have to wait ~ 5 Serious story ~ "... It is a serious story for me, but for Teme ~ it is not ~

Well, as long as I participate in "Rock Festival", Teme ~ also rolled around

"Rock Festival" · · · · · Was such a Dripfest planned? Remember, is it a species of "B-"?

No, it's a Doryfest. Because “Rock Festival” is funded by a local organization, it has nothing to do with the academy.

However, it's time to ask about [Harloin Party]. It is also a park in the school where "Rock Festival" will be held

It will be meaningful that it will be carried out as well as the promotion of [Harloin Party]

HM. Is it something like "The Eve Festival" held before the "Gakuin Festival"?

Well, it's good to miss it.

However, since the Gakuin side invested in "Rock Festival", it is not recognized as an official Doryfest.

In other words, it has no effect on the results.

Even though I was asked that we wanted us to appear, it's a reward, too

Well, if you win, the prize will come out, but the names of the men and women in the world have a lot of benefits though

Anyway, talk to the vampire Yaro ~, 害 害 名 前 と と と と と

Okami, I'm really happy. I love it, my mouth is

It's a hit, but it's ~. Lock is a soul and a heartbeat, I know Lock ~ Natsu loses half of my life

It is good to have something you like, but you have something you like. I also love Orika Linaka (I like it.

Oh power rina ..... Tasse is a kind of navy musical instrument, and it has a clear tone. If you are a partner, take care of it?

I also wanted to touch my favorite guitar. Advertising, do you bring O Powerina?

If it is a power, it is put in the pocket. After all it is better not to harmonize with the hand of Harmo Nitori Otori Rina larger.

I was able to blow on the second harmonic, but when I touched the familiar instrument ... I felt very relieved. I just want to say that

I'm home ...... But well, I don't know what I want to say, Teme ~

I feel like I had a feeling when I touched the guitar. Even when I'm touching Leon

Leon is a wise dog. You can also "wait" or "sit", boo

Really. Is Leon a small dog? A small dog is likely to crush and be anxious, but a large dog is safe

Okami. The lunch break is over when I talk. I'm ready to blow up Otorina. How about Okami?

It's been a long time ago. Oh, let's go. Advertising, I'm late ~ I guess?

I knew