Rockin Star - Chapter 9


Well, everyone is ready. Begin special training ~ ... ......

Oh, my eyes are shining with eyes ... A young man's sati

It is not a story that has just begun. Mr. Kasama, I'm looking at the niece of these days really so dazzlingly

Ahaha, it feels like I would like to do it in adult Buddha

We are immortal "UND 臥 D", or rather, that 薫 will appear in practice

Seriously, I wonder if you moved on?

No, I'm not always supporting you, right? I'm doing quite seriously nowadays

It is better for a man who is hard at work to receive a woman's favor than a man who is walking around.

The principle of action is not

In the worst case, it was a chance to get out of love with a woman's la without being a kun, I thought that it was the only way to make Amami disappear.

You will participate in the training voluntarily, and you will not be worried in the production. Take this to wake up to the fun of playing an instrument

Ah ... oops I needed to play an instrument in "Rock Festival"

I have been advised by torture, but I'm not really interested in musical instruments ~

It is definitely a means to motivate, but I do not want to rely on that

Want to turn a woman's la with your own ability?

Surprisingly, I am serious. Well good

Although it was said that it was fun to play the instrument, it was the last minute I indicated that I would participate in "Rock Festival"

The amount of practice is sufficient for other dullies

Besides, there are people who can not fall in love with the instruments

Honestly, I was worried that I concentrated on the instrument and I was worried that the song was going to the song, but I found a solution

Everyone's crowd, good to see this

A flyer for "Rock Festival"?

Under the conditions of participation, it would be acceptable to participate in the group alone. In that case, it seems that a back band is attached

Maybe it's a bad way, it's a good idea and you'll end up singing and playing instruments

A good idea. There is no need to take this bill.

It has been a pleasure to get involved in "Rock Festival" and to collect some interrogation questions. You should decide how to do it

...... I always looked forward to joining "Rock Festival"

At that time, I was a good guitarist of mine, and I sweared that customers and artists would shake

But only one pair. I had to find the pair already, but I finally borrowed the power of the vampire Yaro ~

Well, Vampire Yaguchi ~ Just Jyun ~

Meisei and Ansu .... With the help of many others, I joined the "Rock Festival" and created the situation

I'm just an I ~ ~ everyone (I helped you, such as `` I created this situation

These are stupid fools who will come along with me. If you ask me badly, Teme ~ will come with me

You're going to die and learn the instrument, lose to other rock bands and you'll be playing around

So I'm just satisfied and I'm done, Chige ~!

It may be a good story of insects, but I want everyone to have fun

You can play an instrument, it's the best of rock ~ `If you're only a vocalist, I squeeze the rock soul flowing in my blood into the heart of the audience and do it ......!