Rockin Star - Chapter 11


Oh, we are as good as ever.

Let us lose too close

Well, don't look at me, I'm in the circle. Show off the goodness of our friends and let me regret Ukki ~

Don't roll up to me. You're in love with me?

Anse blew in the rock music to the music player. You should study what it means to listen to you

Because there is no time question, it may be a good idea that it is not even knowledge of the attachment blade

Rock? ~ In the sense of gaining an unprecedented experience, it is likely to be a good experience for us too


I sing while singing at Subaru's guy, Engineering Aguitar. I wonder if I already got the image of the rock, I guess ~ ~

I can not lose too ... ......



Hm. Let's get ready to practice right away

This is "" "

As it is not bright in the lock, you may be troubled in various ways, but please kindly give me your guidance. 讐 膚 膚 膚 膚 膚 膚 ち ち ち ち

Umm, Wow, it's all about you * Please listen to anything

It is fun of grandpa to pamper young men, but because there is also a great deal of fun to teach

Anx, ゃ ~ ~ *

Even though I am busy preparing for [Hello-in-Pati], it seems that Anzu-chan is kind enough to spare time for us.

But, is it stupid? Are you okay? Oh, it is natural to worry about Ansu-chan.

Is it a great opportunity to overlook if you are in trouble with a good girl La ... ... Well, it is not a forgiven person as a person?

Do you know how the person of the person who is a little has come to know, from here-I'll keep my distance and promote to a friend

A friend is a low goal of her name. I thought that I wanted to be the _ turn of Tickiri-san's niece.

When it comes to someone's best, it is necessary to prepare for that.

Now ~ ~, I feel good with this sense of distance. From that first meeting, even if you become a friend

Ku, I wonder if I'm insulting to Tsuji-kun. Maybe the hands are moving forward as the hand ticks

Hafu-senpai, what is mouth-to-mouth

If I think I was able to get involved in the story suddenly, I was surprised at the rudimentary question

I'm sorry. I thought to ask Ogami, but I think it will be busy as I give special training to Yugi. I want to disturb Ogami doing fun

It sounds like it's okay to disturb me, it sounds like the wind, Niamis-kun?

Hafu-senpai, my name is "advice". It's about to be worried that I don't know my name on purpose

Aha, I'm sorry. Adunis-kun, I remember properly-Yeah

There are also some interesting things that you do not want to disturb your girlfriend. The face is scary but the content is a huge gap

Good. I can see with you and I have a good mood 5 ~, Brother Ka 教 え Tell me anything Pass

Tatsumi-kun and Aduni-kun have a good match with the unexpected. I will give Trickstar the knowledge of Rock, "A" with his arms.

Oh, I'm not going to go. Don't stand up with your hand ~ I guess it's a ready-to-stand ぃ

Still at the time of taking a break?

He lifted his heavy weight and was forced to run further, and he still hated production ...

Uh, "Hell's Special Training" has already been experienced, but it feels like it has been further improved

But you can't say a cry. Fate ~, I》

It's good to encourage myself, but how long have you been free?

Because I have to take a break, I will do my best ten times

U, Um "" "

What kind of spectacles moisture, face is it is very blue ~! Special training ~ I was confused, but it is the limit of physical strength

Teme ~ worked hard. At the beginning of my life, I was overwhelmed with the help of one. It is progress ~ progress

The ape has evolved into a human question

I'm complimented I don't understand the subtleties, but that's something I've acknowledged

If that were the case I would not have disappointed my expectations, but I've been working on my hands and feet from the beginning, but I can't move too much

Sorry, Ogami-kun. Even though I gave me a meal _ for me, I could not finish half ...

Well, I was too nervous. How was it possible for someone to meet the growth rate of Teme ~?

The time of training was too crowded from the anma-torene ~, I expect you to expect tomorrow

Ahahaha, please kindly ask me ...

Ukki ~ and Mr. Gami, I think this is going to get along very well by the time of production. Good, I also want to mix ~ *

You are originally in good touch with 晃 and true? ~ “Trickstar” and “UND 臥 D” have been the experience we've been playing together so far

The people who do not know at all know how to think of the other party

Practicing together in this way further strengthens cohesion.

The genre is "UND 臥 D", but it also serves as our food, and it seems that it is not good for joining

It is almost a shame to perform with such a song, I will cheer up on the day, aha haha ...... 澁