Rockin Star - Chapter 12


Ann Yan Yan, Good evening ~》

Since our turn is ah-ho, I think it would be nice to visit the store or listen to other performers until the turn comes

However, it is a safety event that has made me

If it's smooth and cool, there's also a woman who is as tall as me, and I've seen it in a uniform

I'm singing in this. Ahh, yeah. I'm tense, but Ogami-kun got me trained for this day

I won't lose it ~!

(Ah, ans-chan. If you look at me a while ago, I wonder if this looks funny?)

(Even if everyone else wears the same costume, it's a shame that I'm floating alone.)

I saw because I'm a fine-looking wing ...? Well, Aunt Chan also looks different to me in the usual way, I wondered?

To the wolf, I am glad ~. I'm addicted to it

It might be worthwhile to have courage and become a con- tribute lens.

Well, yes. I was told Okami-kun, "Don't deal with that name-glasses," and I bought it in vain.

Because it is a condiment of disposable evening Ip, it will not be usable after today, but ...

The convenience is convenient because you can see the whole in a different way from glasses.

However, because the eyelids are my identity, it seems to be naked ~ I'm ashamed to be

I'm sure the glasses I've put in my bag will also be lonely, and I'll have to go to pick it up when the stage is over ... ...

Oh, Ukki ~ Ansu! I don't wear my eyelids, so another man? Are you okay without glasses?

I will lend a hand, may I smash it

Oh my star, my eyes grabbing my hands and don't turn around

Today, I tried to use a comfort lens ~. Even though it is a request for パ ヮ パ パ マ ン マ ン マ ン マ ン マ ン マ ン マ ン だ け だ け だ け だ け だ け だ け だ け だ け だ け

Anyway, if you try to enter from that form, it will become possible to pursue some of the rock likeness

Ookami <> Even if it is a matter of glasses, you will have a cold face

Fah. I thought before, but ‡ ~ is surprisingly well-faced

I will try to make it more wildly by turning up my hair from a mess. Leave it to me ~ ~

No, no. Once you get there that way, you're going to be a painful person who has been questioned too much!

So what does Mystery-kun do until the turn comes? Will you meet a small belly at the stall?

Yeah. There are accessories that are jumbled. Ahaha, Kirara ~ ~

Hey Hey. Don't you touch the product, can you not complain if it is judged that you bought it?

Well, Hafu-senpai? Why is Hafu-senpai in the product sales booth? And, it's Otchan next door, right?

I was asked to do a handicap for sales

I can not expect a reward, but it seems to be an idea to make up for costumes and money earned from merchandise sales

Hafu-senpai, I guess that's why I didn't like that .......?

Hmm, I do not deny it

Because I participate in "Rock Festival" and thus help to sell goods is not just a philanthropic spirit

I've made a promise.

I promise to go around the stall together if I can help with product sales? Good, I also want to go around the stall

The food is delicious and it's delicious!

A little bit I want to go around with Ansucchan. A man is calling me politely, Well!

Uh, I was treated to chase out dogs and cats .... But it would be fun if we all went around the stalls

Two people more than one, Three people say two people?

What is that theory .... Well, do you like to go out with the fangs of many women so much fun?

However, I do not have a hobby to go out with a large number of men La ... ..., Adunis-kun. Do the correspondence of the customer properly

"Um" Junji and customers are also troubled?

I'm sorry. I'm not good at talking. At first I had a smile on my face, but it seems that the lyrical muscle is strange because I kept the same surface.

It's not a good time to smile

Oh, would you like to take care of the customer service?

Well, I thought I was familiar with it ~. If ANZ has made goods for us, I have to help too

Hafu-senpai and Otchan take a break. I will leave it to me and Ukki ~, and enjoy the Ann ~

...... Is not it disturbing? It is this figure regardless of how much the sign is cut off. If you both get in the way, let's leave some time

You're not too careful, I guess I'm feeling this badly

Well, Adonis won't be fine if surrounded by a woman La. It is not possible to get caught in trouble before the production ~

I can't help but I have to give him permission.

I'm sorry, Hafu-senpai

Good, apologies.

Oh no. Do you see what stalls Ansu-Chan? 5 I will buy something An-San likes

I think that the meat I sell on skewers is good

I have not heard Adonis's opinion .... Well, let's go to the store of grilled salmon there.

If you look at the ah, I think that seniors and juniors will be fine too

"Trickstar" is a cool relationship with everyone in the same grade, but what happened if there was even one senior

Hmmm ... I think still did not change. We are ours

Surely it will be the person who makes the same intention with us, so I can not think that our roots will change

Yeah ... yeah, yeah! Yeah, it's a customer. Welcome ~ Welcome

Anything is cool? My recommendation is this jagged accessory

Other than that, I have to look as long as time permits.