Rockin Star - Epilogue


"Kukaka`! It's a real hit and it's time to get rid of it, but I'm always doing a side of souls ............"


"This is Yume Saki Gakuin, I don't know 5 ~ I know you guys-there will be some"

"I will introduce myself, I will listen to the holes in my ears!"

"I am Ogami Shinon of" UND 臥 D ""

"The same, it is a hunting song of" UND 臥 D ""

"The girl's la remembers my name, the feather style of" UND 臥 D "

"Devil king who controls the darkness, speaking of an immortal vampire, I am, Oshima's zero of" UND 臥 D ""

"The moon is hidden in the clouds, and a peaceful dark night envelops the world. However, a line of light will brighten the stage in a clear stroke ”

"‡ ‡ キ キ 一番 ...... ...... ... Trickstar's Mystery Subaru, thank you"

"It's the Ice Cube Hokuto of" Trickstar ". It's not bright on rock, but let's sing and dance to the fullest. "

"Yuki Makoto of" Trickstar ". I will do my best to pull everyone's feet! "

"Ah. Aren't you too embarrassed? It's the clothes of "Trickstar". Please enjoy everyone until the end.

(We will appear on the stage and after the self-introduction is over, "Trickstar" member one will appear)

(Okay, it's a meeting)

(Although I didn't think the moon would be hidden in the evening setting, vampire Yaro ~ Did you read it there?)

(No, I can't really read the flow of nature. By chance, it's just for us, it's just that!)

(It's all about keeping the weather until the weather, "" ")

(Oh well, the audience seats have a good feeling)

(I'm waiting for you to sing now, I'm waiting for you to miss it.

"Well, let's go to it. The voices of us "" "!

(Kukuku, the audience's seat or five cheers for the powerful singing voice. The grip is perfect, I will lose too.)

(Well, for this day, how do you do your best without practice of [Harrowin Party] 5?)

(It's a reward, sometimes I'm going to go seriously.)

(There are 5 enemies in the world that is sunk and covered in darkness. All will be expelled, it's your luck that you were stuck in front of me.)

(Even so far, I will drink the altist who will appear from now on)

(It will be the blood of King Aoi and will become flesh, I think it's an honor to be honored ...)


(Oh, it's amazing! I'm going to sway on the shock like I was knocked out)

(Although it's a good genre of 'UND 臥 D', we'll be like it if you're so embarrassing.)

(The spectators also look at 'UND 臥 D', and they look at you here)

(Mu, mortifying Do ~. Is thrown off and not Ika with more Gatsuga' bite, can not even crawl up it as it is)

(This is not a solo show of "UND 臥 D", it's a joint live.)

(It's like being able to let the customers know that just participating in a few matches.

(Wait, Ms. Gami, I'll catch up with you soon .... We want everyone to keep in mind about Trickstar ......!

(Because you were smitten by the rough waves, you've been there forever!


(My star's way of playing has changed ...? Not only the momentum, the performance is also being polished)

(The line of sight concentrated on "UND ぅ D" is drawn to the star, as the beast's recklessness)

(Don't it be awesome, my star is. Even in a different genre, I will make it my own without getting scared.)

(It's a big difference with me, I'll take a step back)

(...... But, I have experienced a lot of dribfests with everyone and I have grown up. I'm standing at this place with my own will.)

(This is not the case when the crowd is pressed by the heat of the audience and shrinks. You have to take great care of the results that Ogami-kun has given special training "" "!)


(Oh yeah. Yeah, it's true. Subaru also eats up with the men who are losing out)

(We can't go alone in our own games, right?)

(Yes, it seems like you're saying that you're looking into each other in the genre of rock, please say, please step down)

(Don't hold a flash, dress up)

(Hatsuryo ~ ~) >>



(Okami, I'm happy. I was able to take part in the long-awaited 'Rock Festival'. It was a dream come true, Okami.)

(Don't you bother Yan, but concentrate on the song ~?)

(It's also possible for the celebration line to be concentrated only on A-chan and Torture forever? I'm the only woman who looks at La's gaze-))

(As usual, Hafu-senpai. But Hafu-san's statement is reasonable.)

(Don't let the two carry you, we too are 'UND 臥 D')

(Yes yeah. I'll do my best in front of the woman La



(Huh, 'UND 臥 D', 'Trickstar' or something is relevant ~. I would like to do something about each other)

(Rock is the soul. The soul and the soul collide and sublime. It's rock 'n' roll ...!)

("Ayagato" is what I am. I'm telling thanks with my song. Well, let's go ...)