Rockin Star - Chapter 1


Hmmm ... finally the sun has sunk. From now on, I'm in the middle of my cousin, I'm going to grow up ....


Oh, vampire Yaro ~. Let's wake up. What did you do in the class, Sabo?

Oh my, I wonder if my eyes got worse. Do you see a dog in front of your eyes, or are you still in a dream?

If the sun goes down, I'll wake you up ...

I am sleepy ~. It's already after school, the sun that hates Teme ~ is sunk, and it's time to put her face out

Let's get out of it and listen to my story!

I don't want to wake up immediately after waking up. You see, it's best to wrap up in a futon to wake up?

Well, at this busy time I had to rest my body until after school

After waking up, I have to give up my practice for 【Harrowin Party】

It would be the case that the dog was jealous of this happening. I'm worried I remember properly

Adunis-kun will still be in the classroom. Even if you can't expect Aoi-kun, your face will come out at the last moment of the show

【Hello-in-pa テ ィ】 is "S ー" You're out, outsider, customer, "" ""

If the woman's la also comes, it will already be stretched

What a face, with a face that bites a bitter worm. 【Halloween party】 Are you looking forward to it?

It's not-it is. I mean, I was waiting for Teme to get up on that matter.

I waited for another reason

Hm, Hm. Well, let's talk. And why were you waiting for me?

"Rock Festival" will be held in the park of the school, I want to participate in it

In order to participate, it is a condition of participation in group unit, and I can do it alone.

In other words, you want to participate in "Rock Festival" as a whole in "UND 臥 D". Don't show me the flyer you have in your hand

Oh. It's good to see every corner, it's a good idea. I will do it for you


A little, why did you push fliers to my face ?! Teme ~ I did it?

It's good, I'm looking at the items of participation conditions. In a way, I can understand the meaning that I pushed the flyer back to me

Participation conditions ~? "The artist who participates in Rockfest is subject to the participation of two pairs"

...... Hmm !? There was no such condition until last year ~?

If so, let's say the conditions have changed since this year.

The surprise is that it's not like I'm calling out to other 'Yu-Nit', and it's good to give up participating in 'Rock Festival'

Well, I can't give up! You're looking forward to it this year, right?

Satisfy the conditions for participation ~ Do you want to give up for such a reason ... ...!

I'm begging you. Whatever you do, if you take Hafue-senpai to practice, and where do you go and grab it and bring it to the neck!

So, "A" "" Give up, Don't say that!

...... 【Hiroin Party】 is "S-"

If you fail to practice for that, if you can find another pair with your own power, consider joining 'UND 臥 D'

Just because we could find a pair, it is not necessary to join us.

It was tough to say, [Harloin Party] and 'Rock Festival'.臥 臥 臥 』{優先 優先 優先 ハ ロ ハ ロ ィ ハ ロ ハ ロ ハ ロ

It's a dog, you're an Orboshi, right?

...... Oh, I know. If you want to join "Rock Festival" and you are saying "I'm jealous"

But I made this a heartbreaking moment. To discard it is the same as to abandon the rock soul

I'm such a stupid [Hello-in party], and it's only for luggage!

It's me that I said "whatever I do". Already-set, I found it just by me

Wait to look forward to it, Vampire Yaguchi ~!

<<< Free shipping

Well, let's have a look at the treatment of the dog. Until then, I would like to see a glimpse

... uh, vampire Yaro ~ me. I think I can do it ~

It's okay, even if I don't have Teme ~ I prove that I can be alone.

Which "Junito" to speak to ...

Woo'!?, The Teme', ~ I Ja Hello Anse ...... !?. Well, it's only good to say hello

I was talking about it, but is it a trouble?

Teme ~ is anything in the consultation room. [Harloin Party] is approaching and you're busy working on "Produs One"

You're going to get more work ~ You'll get knocked down, right?

Well, Teme ~ 's feeling was happy. But this is my problem. Why don't you use the power of Teme ~

Oh, do you know "Rock Festival"? No, it doesn't matter if you don't know ~

It's an official Doryfest, and it's a festival funded by a local organization.

Besides, in order for "UND 臥 D" to participate, it is necessary to look for another pair of artists ~ and it should be said ...

You don't need to cooperate with Teme ~.

As a condition to participate in 印 D ャ に も UND also 印 印 D 印 D ヾ 俺 だ か ら ヵ ヵ だ か ら だ か ら だ か ら だ か ら だ か ら だ か ら だ か ら だ か ら

I asked for a theme and found it meaning

Though it is the previous story, if the vampire Yaro-us are gone, I have to do with only me and the ad-I guess-

Because I'm not good at advertising, I will do something for every negotiation.

Anyway, I am I. Teme ~ do your own work

Well then. Good luck to each other ~