Rockin Star - Chapter 2


(Don't worry, you're running around right away. If you run in front of you and run into someone else, what do you do?)


(It's all about desperately. Young men have to be so.)


(I'm old and short, if I rush into a dog, I will fall out of fuel the next day)


(...... a little, I might have made a mean word)


(If you can find it by your own strength, consider joining 'UND 臥 D', etc., which is a condition that is disadvantageous for bothers and others.)

(Morinko has found one more pair, and if I don't shake my head vertically, there will be no participation in UND 臥 D's 'Rock Festival')

(Still ... The dog will never stop or not. Heading forward and running towards the future)

(You must have that person become a full-bodied person as La's mother grows up)

(Oh, in the radio program, I followed Adonis-kun, and I grew up a little.)

(This trial of ら い, I want you to ride over it)

(No matter how much I want to lend a hand, it is not the case now. 獅 La drops my niece into the valley of Chihiro.

(Because only sweets are not loving)


Oh, Anzu's niece. Welcome to the light sound club, welcome "" "">

"Rock Festival"-Hmm, I've talked to you in the hallway there

As Aoi-chan says, the dog is struggling to find "Junit" that will participate in "Rock Festival".

Kuh, I have a funny face. I wonder why I would also lend power to you.

You don't have to rely on your power {嬢. Still, do you want to lend a helping hand?

...... That's right. I can't forgive people who are in trouble.

Anyone who wants to save everyone may be admirable

However, Mr. Ansu's nephew will be in charge of planning and managing [Harrowin Party]

[Harrow-in party] is “S-” ...... There are only four times a year, it's a big Drip festival

[Tanabata Festival] So, I also helped you, but I had to finish it alone.

Let's say that you have found "Junit" to join "Rock Festival" in cooperation with Akiko

Even if the conditions for participation in "Rock Festival" are met, it would be impossible for us to shake the neck vertically

If you use the hand of Mio-chan, it means that the power of this is up to there

Aoi-chan also has to give priority to the job, and the job becomes neglected, and the status as the "Brod 一 issa" that he has built up to now may be threatened.

That's why it is not necessary to bear all the problems of the idle

The body of a fallen man is one person

If I produce a lot of "Yonito" and also take care of the members, I will fall in love with you.

Now, if it's a shame, what should I do?

It is not to help the dog, it will be to make [Hello-in-Pity] a success as 'Producer One'

Um, や か つ か つ か つ

"UND 臥 D" also participates in 【Halloween Party】, so it is a time of need to practice again.

Don't lend power to your dog ... Well, that's why you can't lend

Ku-ku, Aoi-chan is sharp. Indeed, not just because [Halloween party] is not the only reason

For what reason I do not lend power to my dog ... Hm, I will try to do homework for Aoi-chan

It is important to do the work you have been given and to deliver results that exceed your expectations, but it is also important to cultivate the ability to think for yourself.

However, you will soon get caught. It is also good to consult someone and find the answer

However, don't ask for an answer. Then the power from the same power

By the way, I am looking forward to what kind of answer Ansu's niece will give you "" ""

Oh,! !! つ 、, お お ~ 灘

Wow, the bears under my eyes are amazing ~?

I also practiced with everyone yesterday for [Harrowin Party]-

Ansuka (Don't you design a costume? I'm looking forward to it ~, a floating ocean

But, following to [Tanabata Festival] this time is also planning and management by the apricot this time, so I don't worry if it's too much work to fall down?

Please tell me if I can help you. Anything will be the power ... Astringent

What's wrong? Looking at my face, what is it?

I ate rice quickly, so maybe it's even rice grains. How did you get it, or is it just something you want to talk to me?

Hm ... I wish I had nothing. If you are really in trouble, you will be told that you are in trouble

I was troubled to the very last minute, I couldn't help anything and it was not a consultation. You're good at all

We are friends at the interrogation, We will be willing to lend power for anything minor

Because I am a friend ..... Because I am a trusting relationship question, I wonder if there are times when I will not be the other party's power?

If I was, I would act as soon as I was in trouble. I will do whatever I can do, I want to be a force?

But if you have any concerns, don't lend a hand

If you trust the other party, it's also a question that you believe in it.

You don't lend power just because you trust the other person, and if you're the person, you're going to keep it going

I can not stand it

Ahaha, If this is said to be so much, I will say thank you to you every day

Otsu and `soon it will be a start-up chime ~~~~~~?

Thank you, we're going to produce us today, after school after school