Rockin Star - Chapter 3



(Don't you know, I always say that the goodness of the lock is 5?)

(If you open the lock, you know the lock ~, but now it is time to participate in such things, but it's a foolish fool)

(Everyone is looking for a "unit" that is likely to be able to cooperate with us yesterday and yesterday, but everyone has a good face ~)

(Sometimes there are some people who ask about how to participate in [Harloin party].)

(If it is said that the time is bad, it is only until then. Most of "Yunit" should have tried to focus on [Halloween Party])

(Oh, [Hello-in-party] is the school's Doryfest ... it's also 'S-'

(The vampire Yaro ~ also has priority to say [Harrowin Party] and it's about saying that)

(If you don't owe me "Yunit", I'm not saying I'm going to participate in "Rock Festival")

("Yunit" which got a lock at this school in the first place is too much)

(There are some people who skip rock's barbaric, there are those who don't understand rock.)

(...... So if you give up on that reason, the vampire Yaro ~ will laugh at it to the extent that I have a feeling for the mouth's mouth)

(Still time is a question. Anything (everything already-find a pair and join "Rock Festival" ...!)

Aratsu, Okami, Hm? Okami, Hm from now on club activities?

I think I'm going to practice for the 'Hello Party' and I'm going to the soundproof practice room


Uh, I'm sorry! I've made a bad voice, so I didn't feel bad.

Recently Okami-kun (help me to carry the equipment, and I've misunderstood a little getting along

...... Chi, Eyeglasses Moyashi. Teme ~ `Do you eat properly? A little bit of muscle

It will be smashed vegetables-it will be, meat and meat will also be eaten

Oh, this is you eating at all ~ Ogami ん そ う そ う に も 乙 乙 乙 く ん 食 食 食 eat meat, meat is recommended

It seems that the physical strength has been on for a while, so I will not hesitate to carry heavy luggage.

Thanks also to Ogami-kun's special training, this is also what I think now I think

...... That's right. I'm busy, I'm going to use ~

Uh, yeah "" "uh, I thought it was because of me

Ogami-kun, I'm fine ... I wonder if he's voice haunted and troubled?

Hits, don't hesitate! Strange words I'm sorry I'm sorry "m ·!

Don't lower your head. It's a man, is it pride?

Geez. I thought that I was depressed so much that I could realize that I was surprised. As expected, the results have been achieved ~

To Ogami-kun, I am indebted to the broadcaster's work, and that ... ... Do not talk to me?

Well, of course, don't tell me if it's hard to talk

Even if you don't get into power, it will be a little easier if you just exhale

What's the extra term, Kana "" "?

Han, I do not hear the color of people ~ ~. Step on more on foot, throw away a Hyo monk when you go

Hail, violence is a little .... However, if you step on the foot, it may be that Ogami-kun was recognized for some

Ehehe, I'm glad mm》

So don't hesitate, it's bad for your heart ~~ You're not running, but your heart rate is bad!

I'm sloppy. I felt relieved when I saw the face of Teme ~ without clapping. Arigato, Hyoro Mon

No, don't call me a monk. I'm wearing glasses, but I want you to call me by name instead of ??

Oh, I went down the stairs. But, the club room of the light sound club is on the third floor, club activity ... is not it?

(I didn't talk to me ... but if Okami-kun and good morning star-kun, I might know why Ogami-kun was not doing well)

(Myung-kun, I should still be in the classroom because I have a day-to-day job, so let's go back and ask. Yeah, yeah yeah "" "")