Rockin Star - Chapter 4


It hurts the journal and the journal

Thank you for helping me put out the blackboard. Thanks for helping

Hugging to thank you, Gyu Yu Ugi Yu

I'm fine, but I have to hug you

From that, if the day-to-day work is over, we'll hurry up and pick up the journal. Hokuto and True are ahead?

Because hogga was able to do business ~ and went out, it is only ukki ~

But you can take part in practice 5 Today, all members can practice with Trickstar

Oops, has anyone been in the classroom? If you've lost something because you're locked now ... ...... what's Ukki ~?

Oh, I'll bother you ~. Ansu-chan ... There's also a costumer, right?

Well, I helped with this day-to-day job. Anyway, the destination is the same, and it will end sooner if we do it together.

Ukki ~. I told you to open the fence of the soundproof practice room first, but have you forgotten the habit?

I can't see my desk, so inside ~?

No. It's not like I forgot my niece, but I want to ask Aiken-kun

I met Okami-kun in the hallway a little while ago

I wondered if you were wondering why Okami-kun's lack of energy if you had a star

Mr. Gami? Hmmm, first ear ... Sari ~ is the same class. Do you know anything?

Well, I heard a rumor that I was talking to a lot of students in a live relationship outside the school

When I'm in the classroom, it's hard to talk to me because it's a bit confusing. For more details, I would like to ask

Anh, what happened when I suddenly got a seat?

It is good to be late to produce torture, but just where to go ...

Wow, Ansu?

I was jumping out with tremendous momentum ...

Maybe you are aware of the liveliness of your life?