Rockin Star - Chapter 5


I will chase after "A"

Well then, I too ...! But, I have to open the fence of the soundproof practice room.

True, I will open it. It might be a pinch of my friends, I'm too stupid, but somebody can't open the bag and I can't put the North Star

Yup. I'm sorry, Mr. clothesa. It has become a form to press chores

Well, I care. It's about this, I'm going to go into the chore. You don't have to apologize?

Ukki ~, fast and fast! If you have a evening set, you will lose sight of the figure.

Well, yes. Oh, it's a dresser

Oh, it's time to go. I'm sorry for my 〈<な ~》

It is not in the hallway, but have you entered some classrooms?

Hm ... ...... Is that behind him that you're Ansu-chan? Having climbed the stairs is probably going to be on the third floor

Hey, let's chase. Never miss it 萱 ~!

Hm, Rin-chan. It's been a long time since then, it was so ugly from looking at the face to the light sound club ...?

Well, I guess the answer came. Why do we lend power to children, why?

Because I trust in my dog, I can not lend a hand.

Well, don't you, of course, everyone else's a question, it is natural to trust?

Hmm, I still have to talk about the story. I try to test this skill ... and what?

I'm finding out if I can find a unit that can help me alone

Hm, Hm. I knew it so far, I'm sorry, "" ""

$ ゝ. Aoi-chan, you're shy. Even though I got a hint from Meisei-kun, it is the power of Tsubaki-chan that led the answer

However, the main star, "N", "" ".

That La is a genius skin, but there is a place where I can understand the thinkers of ordinary people, but I wonder if she grew up through exchanges with her peers

Anyway, I would have understood my idea. Let's ask on that basis, do you still think that you want to help your baby?

...... Is that what happened? I'm not drowning, I just thought it was 嬢 -chan

It wasn't only the answer that I breathed in and rushed to the club room, I saw the _ case of the confusing relationship I saw that there was a pekijo ぅ

I listen to the legend of the wind. The dog still finds "unit" which is likely to be part of the "rock festival"

Unexpectedly, there is no such thing as saying

Even though every unit is pushing for [Harloin Party], I can not afford to give out other things.

At the request of Taro Akira, I would like to express my participation by saying "Yunit" or "" "

Run for a few days in the past few days, I will realize that

When you find a pair in your own mind, you may withdraw the word that you told him. Therefore, until here

It will be cruel Towan ko koma} Please bet to see the truth

I will not let that ......!

This is ... Mystery and Yuki-kun. I am impressed by the interview, where did you hear from?