Rockin Star - Chapter 7


I'm sorry I'm late. My vocations go on and on ... ...... What's up? What happened to the stars and trees?

Happy Birthday ~. I was practicing alone and being lonely.

The Subarus went on chasing Ansoo, so I hope they will come here soon. If not lost, but

M .. It is a daily occurrence that it is annoying to cause Myung Kaishon, but it is rare to annoy us

Well, I'm going home. Hmm, I wonder what to talk from

In other words, it was decided that it was about 晃, I wonder if you really talk how seriously

Hot moth ~ m ".!

Well, I was surprised! I flew like a bullet. Hokuto, are you all right? I'm a horseback rider, so let's get rid of it with a bag.

Um. It was a sudden death, but I could not accept it, but I was injured.

I will use it for me. I will listen to you properly, so please leave me. The belly is pressed and sober

No. I have to tell him that quickly, and I can't stand if I am or ... I'm sorry?

That means that I was able to catch up and listen to the story. So, how was it?

Although there is no figure of it when doing it ... ...... you, you put the anus

Well, I wondered if it came from behind us. Are you still in the club of the light sound club?

The need does not seem to be. You will be in front of the door. I'll come to such a place with a bowl

Ansu, did you talk with torture seniors?

Ahh. I'm just thinking about talking to him. You should ask Annes

Now that it's not like that, I'm prepared to be angry

In "Rock Festival" ... please join us "Trickstar" too!

Wait a day. We know that we hurry our conclusions, but explain from the beginning

What is "Rock Festival"? Maybe "B-" or `?

Hmmm, I heard some words I remember ... ah, I remembered!

Yup. Ogami-kun, I wanted to join it and I wanted to find a "unit" that would join with "UND 臥 D"

It's almost time to [Hiroin party], and it seems that no [Yunit] shook his head vertically.

Even now, "" "I heard that I was in trouble

I also ask from you. Please join "Trickstar" to "Rock Festival"!

thumbs up

You're right. I was told that I wasn't ready for anything but 5 or how many times I told you that Hokke-was good ...

Ho, ho ho ~ ~ "I'm fine," he said, right?

It's a shame. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with asking questions

§ The `Korizen

Of course you are not going to neglect the practice of 【Halloween Party】 because you participated in “Rock Festival”

However, I thought that I was told that I should concentrate on [Harrowin party] because it was about Hiei-kun.

Of course, even though the status of 'Trickstar' has improved, the predictions are forgiven.

If possible, you should concentrate on 【Ha-Qui impa】

However, “UND 臥 D” has a borrowing for the [spring music festival]. Rockfest is a great opportunity to pay back. And the breadth of the music also expands

What is "Rock Festival" is that it will be a squeeze ...

[Spring Music Festival] Then, "UND 臥 D" is the main, and we were standing positions like a back dancer.

This is not the case this time. The shoulders and "UND 臥 D" stand side by side, so the pressure is great too.

I can't make an instrument, I can't squeeze something so faint

As it is, I hit the evening ball with a lock.

Guthau is a little tired, I can also teach ... but I think it would be better to have a tusk

Aha, because Ogami-kun's special training is really close to ~. I'll keep on going

But I think it is tough. Thanks for your strength

I would be delighted if I heard that. Oops, it's not the case when we are excited

Don't let us know when we cooperate with 晃

Yes Yes Yes Yes !

I'm looking for Mr. Gami and I will pass on it, right?

That's right. Of these, the closest one to Okami would be a star

Originally I was planning to practice for 【Haroin Party】 today

When it comes to "Rock Festival" too, time is not enough. Get ready all night long

Yup. I don't want to do it in half, because I'm doing it, it looks like a first-rate star.

Well, let's concentrate on practice until the coming stars return. Thank you

Oh, thank you. It is yours. I'm going to help out with "Rock Festival"

I am busy with [Harrowin Party]. I just want to concentrate on that, but ...

We can not say anything about people. It is good to like Ansu

Good <〈Please .........?

Ah, that's our line

Ann Suchiyan, "口 フ』 で も よ よ 〈〈お 願 い "" "》