Rockin Star - Chapter 8




(I ran around in the school building and still couldn't find "Yunit" that would likely take me through)


(The guy who agrees with my desire for rock ... as no one was found)


Hatsu, Zamaane ~

(The deadline for participating in "Fashion" is 19:00 today)

(If you ask me already, it's just right there at night but you've found a footstep)

(My strength is "" "Will it be here?)

(While saying that I slay Vampire Yaro ~, I like Spring even at the feet of Vampire Yaro ~)

(... I thought I had grown a little. Still I am on the palm of my hand)

(Even if you scratch your fangs and go behind you, you will be hurt by the vampire Yaro ~)

(I would like to catch up with that person, I grew up to be able to put my shoulders on my shoulder someday, when I could grow up to be recognized)

(I'm betraying the expectations of "" "" the vampire Ya mouth ~)

(After all, I was the only one who thought I grew up, Vampire Yaro ~ might have said something like that for "showing reality")

Mr. Gami mm!

Uhh, what's .... What is it? Don't fly from behind when people are weak, it's a dangerous injury

Oh, how long have you been on my shoulders? It's also possible to fight with "TrickStar", but it's because you are not a good friend.

Gami's fool, idiot, ponponatsu!

テ, 3 メ ッ 罵 罵 い き ど う い う ど う い う ど う い う 3 3 3 ど う い う 見 あ あ?

Gami-san and I are friends, though, have them alone ... why didn't you consult me first?

Oh my friend, I understand that the star of me and I am a friend?

It's terrible, we keep dogs each other and it's a common topic.

Well, I would say it would be easier to talk in a question. Temecula ~ a ~ I remember admitted that it is friend, and would Toko I know to speak at most consentration

Do you think you are friends at the time you talk?

Mr. Gami, I said that humans are hateful and hate, I wonder what kind of friends are interrogative

Yeah, then that's not a problem No matter what, Mr. Gami, I wonder if he is Mami's friend, 5? Handshake ~

Well, I don't know what it means. It's okay if you just shake hands, but now that's how you feel ~

Let's get rid of all the questions at the rest of time by talking with Teme ~

...... Well, I know that I just spoke to Yunit. Even if the evening im limit has not come, I'm out of time

Among Gami-san, I know that "Trickstar" is not "Junit"

・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ Teme ~ `

I asked torture seniors. Gami-san, I'm looking for a "unit" that will participate in the "Rock Festival"

But since I saw it, I struggled

[Spring Music Festival] ... I got help from Mr. Gami in other Dripfests. No, I would like to cooperate without such a reason

As I said earlier, Mr. Gami is a friend. If your friend is in trouble, it is natural to help

...... Chi. Teme ~ I also love you very much. Teme ~ is a friend and I say I want to help you, but what about the other guys?

It's even Trickstar to participate in [Halloween Party]

If you don't win 'Rock Festival', you won't get a prize, and it won't affect your score from the official Doryfest.

I can not afford to pay Teme ~ et al. It's a good thing to participate in Seriously ~ ~

Do you love rock and feel that you are dying for rock?

Well, that's why it's a waste. Even if you get permission, you can get rid of the problem.

Gami-san, take my hand. -In Oku "Rock Festival", you should go on a rampage, Hahaha

It's awkward, Teme ~ what? What kind of rock is also scolded, so let's feel relieved to ~

Well, I'm a deft guy I'm just going to teach me a little

I wonder what my eyelids are. I am tolerant to my special training,

I said something like a favor to me, but it may be a social order. I think it's a dexterous character so far-but

Uh ~, I told you that the tougher fit you. I'm grateful to Mr. Gami for something

Hm, I'm going to take a minute ago-or brew so far I'm looking forward to my special training so far if the talk is early

"Lon's special training menu of the level that the eyelids become mukimuki" "" ""

Umm, I wonder if I set the fire in the wrong direction, but it was good that Mr. Gami made me feel better. I am also happy ~》

Mr. Gami, let's go to the torture senior. I have to tell you that "Trickstar" will also be participating.

Oh, hey! I also want to say to vampire Yaro ~, I have no objection though

If you don't go fast, you won't have time to practice Rock Festival. Mr. Gami, let's hurry!

Why is Teme ~ stretched? Oh, I'm a nigga, I'm a completely different guy.