White Day - Chapter 1


Okami! Are you alright ...... I came to help!


Wow, you've done it!


Excuse me, Ms. Yukari. Now in the club room of the light sound club, Okami-senpai's rampage caused "Shy I'm sorry"-what is it ~ ~

So, I'm cleaning up. Anmari, Do you have dinner?

Well, I'm sorry. Aoi ... Is this smell a cucumber?

Odor "" "" That's it ~, you are the》 "

There is Mr. Ansu. I was asked to help with tidying up because it happened to be passing by.

What do you want to give back to the home page? ~, When asked, "Work!"

I'm cleaning up at Oki Pi ~ ~ Ansu "

Well. Thank you, but I'm still tired. Omagoi is a work thing

Oh yeah, it's already white now ...

I also have to give back something. You should be rewarded for your favors. For now, let's prepare some special meat

Zeus "" "is" "". Hey <-, I caught up

I know that it was a 晃 〝〟 配 D distribution, but I was surprised 5 or suddenly I was surprised

If you run in the corridor, you get angry with the teacher or something?

I'm sorry, I left Hafuyu-senpai.

But I want you to be relieved, the corridors are not running. I went through the walls of the school building and the roof of the corridor, and I was able to

I think it is a dangerous act that should be angry. If you see Hasumi, you can break your glasses?

Ahaha, Yukari senior .... Suddenly, I jumped from the window and I thought it was a special unit `a ninja.

Matsu, already, my school's seniors are strange people.

Yes ~ The third grade is a strange person's haunt, but I am a common sense person. Really necessary

That's why, for Angels, "work" and not "meat" .... It is because I usually give a gift that is unique to China.

What's your head, you can boil it?

Ahaha. Are you worried because you're getting red because you've been bottled?

I'm worried about you. Or maybe it's a skinship as a courtship

Hafu-senpai. Thank you, but you're a kid.

Ahaha, I would rather clean up without a pulse so far .... It's a joke, I miss you if you don't laugh well

Ann-chan, "special position" will be lost from next fiscal year. Should we celebrate spring of this world now?

Replace your mind, replace it, replace it ...

Before being taken by someone else. What is your lover, what is your job?

Hafu-senpai. Ans is dissatisfied with his opinion

it's okay, but. Why does Adunis-kun translate Ansu-chan's opinion _ ......?

I will save you, but I am indebted

What do you mean .... If the feeling of this La is made so, why do you try to eat meat in a white piece?

My son, I had an older sister.

How does your sister react when you eat meat on a White Day? Let's imagine for a moment.

The sisters have meat. It is troubled even if it is strong

But ... ...... Certainly, my sisters also want something special for the anniversary and so on. Sweet things, beautiful things, cute things please

The gift of the home day is to decide the insider after having got somebody else. I would like to have an adviser, Hanakae