Chiaki - Here, Kitty, Kitty... - Chapter 1


Well, there is no way here


If you look for a school building, you may not find it, and if it is not in this area, it may not be in the school anymore ...


No, what do you do! Who is I? Yes, I am a burning hat Chiaki Morisawa!


Yume no Saki Gakuin's yellow one, your neighborhood Hero one ... 一


Yo, I've been heated up to a good feeling! Sharpen my senses, take a deep breath ..... Su, Ha .....

Mutsu, there!

Oh, you've been flying with great momentum!

Hm. Features also match, I wait in the cat of the stray and do not ask and wait and wait, I miss you ~!

Uh, Uh .........?

It is true that I ran away here, but where on earth did it disappear ...?

Hm? It is strange to meet such a place *

I'm looking for a cat. I ran into this bush, but I couldn't see him-I was in trouble about what I was doing

Well, I'm not my cat. It is a cat that an aunt kept in the neighborhood of the academy

Most recently, the cat has not sunk home and has been sunk

The aunt lost her husband a few years ago, and then began to keep cats.

It is already in my neighborhood and it's reputation in the neighborhood.

I also go to play at the house of my aunt, eat confectionery la, have a cup of tea and take care of me

Aunt's grandson's grandfather (I was like, I want to go to play "Vinegar konbu" Yara "Sumomo pickles" I'm receiving

...... Well, something that is a little bit rich and not good, but why not make the aunt's kindness innocent

At that time, when I pinched my nose and at once, I realized that I could unexpectedly go!

However, my heart hurts when I hit my sad face ...

So, I decided to put up with anything and eat, but Nasus ... only Nass is useless

When I was given the soak of eggplant, I really prepared for death.

Anyway, I'm staring at my eyes, I'm going to swallow it

Uh ..... Just remembering the texture of the day, it looks like you're running

"Allies of Justice" Tatami, eggplants, etc. What can you do to overcome?

However, that slick form is good, taste is good, anyway I can not accept ... =

Now that you give the name "Ally of Justice", I hope you will keep 10 million!

Oh, I don't care what I do! Wake up to my waking up to eggplant nightmares!

...... § Ouch!? But said me to hit big time, also become relentless in harisen?

However, thanks to you! I'm totally open, Fuhahaha ......

· · · · · · · I have forgotten what I was talking with you in the current impact!

Um, what was it like talking about the causal relationship between the eggplant and this world ...?

Uo ........... Nas "" Nas ""

Well, I was thinking! I was looking for a cat. So, meet with you ...

Well, what happened to the cat? Did it run away with the current rowing?

I'm sorry, Ansu. I wondered what kind of cat (everything should be looking for a cat

If you find a cat with a red ribbon on your neck, contact my cell phone

Well, goodbye ...


Suddenly, if you get beaten by Harisen, you will be overwhelmed! What, will you pass the search for cats?

Of course, thank you if you help me ...

Really. Oma-san is kind. Yooshi, Yoshiyoshi

Oops, that's not the case when you're jealous. Continue if you find a cat, Let's hug and hug me ... 澁

As I mentioned earlier, I put a red ribbon on my neck. Besides it's a white cat with a pretty hairy cat

The name is "Myanko Datsu" or "Nyan Ko Datsu" "" "?

I'm sorry. I remember the name! I always change the name of the cat every time I go to play, so I have to ask which one is correct ~?

According to the owner's aunt, it was said that they could not decide because they were all good names, but thanks to the cat, they were also troubled because their names were not clear.

Maybe it's because I was named "Chiaki", I can also respond with my name

So, you walk around by calling my name?

It's a strange idea, but it's also a shame to be called my name in a row.

So let's close your eyes to some shamefulness if you find a cat!