In-Game News: Special Autumn Supplementary Classes Campaign!

Posted on October 05, 2017 by Squirrel

Special Autumn Supplementary Classes Campaign!

→ Special Autumn Supplementary Classes Campaign begins today.

30 Free Diamond Scout Campaign!

During the campaign, players will receive 3 free 10 (regular ) Diamond scout pulls .Free 10 Diamond Scouts are limited to 1 time per day, with a total of 3 times during the campaign.

Also during the Campaign, a 5☆card is guaranteed on the 50th, 80th, and 100th card 10-scout pulls. This includes the free scouts, as well.

Campaign period: October 5th 3:00 PM - November 2nd 12:00 AM JST

Log-in Bonus Campaign (First Half) and Limited Log-in Bonus Only Cards!

During the campaign, players who login and access , will receive a log-in bonus each day. Logging in any 7 days of the campaign will allow you to receive all the bonuses from the log-in bonus.

Bonus details are as follows;

Until October 30th, you can receive campaign-only Adonis Otogari card and Koga Ogami cards. These cards are 2 times stronger when in your Live performance teams (2-5 stacked cards multiply).

Log-in Bonus Campaign period: October 5th 4:00 AM - October 19th 4:00 AM

Present Schedule:

● Day 1: Adonis Otogari
● Day 2: Koga Ogami
● Day 3: 5 Diamonds
● Day 4: Adonis Otogari
● Day 5: Koga Ogami
● Day 6: 10 Diamonds
● Day 7: Adonis Otogari
(※This is the first half of the campaign. The second half will be announced later.)

New TV Commercial!

Starting today, TOKYO MX and BS11 TV channels will be broadcasting the second series of Ensemble Stars commercials with Blouson Chiemi. The second commercial series will feature Blouson Chiemi along with the actors/Enstar characters from the stage play [Ensemble Stars! Extra Stage].

Commercials will be available from October 5th 12:00 PM JST.

CM can be viewed on a special website below;
or via the shortened url:

Enstars Idol Maker with Blouson Chiemi!

Players can choose two idols to make a customizable commercial with Blouson Chiemi. Please check out the website above.

Available period: October 5th 12:00 PM - November 2nd 12:00 AM JST.

Blouson Chiemi's [New Gum] Present

Ensemble Stars is collaborating with Blouson Chiemi's New Gum promotion. Participants who meet the following three conditions can enter into a lottery. Three lucky winners will receive a present.

● On the website, click the [ツイッターにログインして応募する] (Login to Twitter and enter campaign) button.
● Login to Ensember Stars app game for 10 days during the campaign period.
● Connect and confirm Twitter account in Ensemble Stars game during the campaign period.
Details are in website displayed above.

Happy Ensembling!