Baton Pass - Chapter 2


(Wow, already a dark river)


(Still late, I've been doing "The Evacuation Party" "" ")


(Aa sleepy, I want to go back home and go to bed and sleep like a mud "" ")


(Uh, it's dark .... Night's school is too creepy ... ...)

(But because I was forced to be drawn by Mr. Morisawa, and I participated in the "Kudashi Party" ...)

(I'll leave it in my classroom and I have to get it back ...)

(But well, "" ". Really, I'm tired" "")

(I'm not good at it, but I'm not good at being a parted party .... After all, I was made to participate in the game many times ...)

(Bass bears, but it has become so much fun .... Tomb main, I do not want Amari exercise ...)

(I'm tired, and it just wears away when looking at it ...)

(There were a few people in the bus club, and I didn't have my turn.)

(Everyone, I wanted to do the last arrangements with Morisawa senior, "" "")

(Ah, a lower class student .... It was about me and my alumni seniors ...)

(About the last minute, I felt it was okay to do it kinda ...)

(Well, it feels like I'm still doing it now .... 『" I've been trying to be the case that Morisawa-senpai likes it, I'm going to give it to the other generations ......)

(So I feel like I've monopolized "Everyone's Morizawa senior" ...)

(The club activities are the same as Yu-Nit's, really what the people have been involved with me ...)

(Good, but .... I thought it would make you feel more damp than with "Don't put it off" ...)

(At first until the end, it was a bright atmosphere like an idiot "" ")

(Mr. Morizawa, too, Ssu and Hera have laughed. "" ")

(More like this, I thought that I would come to cry after a long speech that looked back on my memories ...)

(Don't feel sorry, but I'm laughing so much that my sore muscles and my stomach hurt ..... I don't feel a little shy, "" ")

(Oh, it's not time to break up with death, or something like this ...)

(Hm "" "? Well, there is a light on the gymnasium ...?)

(I wonder if everyone else in the bus club has something like a second party .... I'll still be left alone, I'm fine "" "")

(Oh, it's still quiet .... What, just forgetting to turn off the electricity ...?)

(Well ~, I wonder if it's weird .... If I collect only a few bags, I'll go see on the way back ...)

(If somebody in the bus club is left, I would like you to come back with me .... At night, walking alone is scary ...)

(ん ん "" ". There is no one" "")

(Well, why don't you have electricity .... Really, just forgetting to erase ...?)

(It's a waste of electricity ... Well, what's the lighting switch in the gymnasium ... Where is it ...)

(During the activities of the basketball club, I feel "touched several times" "")

("" "Uh !? Aratsu, Morisawa-senpai!)

(Well, why in such a corner .... Hott, I'm standing up .... I thought it was a ghost, a strange voice was so "" ")

(Ah ... ...... Mr. Morisawa, you're probably crying ...?)

(Shoulder is shaking .... You can hear a crying voice that you killed .... uh, what does it mean ...?

(Who are you crying alone at the gym in the middle of the night, "" "?)

(Wow, I felt I'm jealous of something I can't see ...), let's get rid of it before I notice it ...

(Similarly, `嫌 I hate being entangled with weirdness. '" ")

(It is not a single hero to leave a crying person ... but)

(Well, I don't remember being a member of 'meteor party' as a team either. Mm)

(Because you want to be dressed in that weird, you won't want to be able to see where you are crying ...)


(Senior Morisawa)

(What happened)

(You're always smiling, shouting while you don't talk. ... Oh, it's a nuisance person who shakes the surroundings ....)

(It's not like I'm going to cry like that ... seniors?)