Athletics - Chapter 3


Good afternoon!


Oh, the Wanko adult is here


It is glad that the full membership of "UNDU W" D was agitated in this way though Kaoru-kun was mainly lacking when we invited


It will be a celebration alright ~ "


Recently you should be serious


Well, I will not be excited, but I just met with Mr. Shuuko who came along here and was not waiting.


So, do not be jealous like "Vampire Yaro ~ Envy!" ~ Akira Kun's reward


Why do you name yourself by why. I am jealous of you

Hey, advertisement. Wait a minute before visiting from here 5. I do not want to consult a vampire Yaro ~

Please modulate it, please come crush me.

Well, yes. However, if you hit it and crush it will not leave any bone. I felt like I was unreasonable

I wonder if the feeling that you want to be Tame ~ was that degree. It is a shame at the last moment, is the anatomy which pulls down?

This, this is not a tongue. Well, this word is tough, but I think I'm thinking of Ad -

Ad - 2 - kun. Let 's have any consultation with us. Good good, tell me anything

It is good to get rid of your grief early. Such things, good things left where I do not have anything like this

Actually, I invited him to appear on a program introducing the athletic area via Ohan

Also Kanzaki was invited, but .... Customer recruitment (for members with confidence in physical strength and physique

I am at work for Kanzaki, but I do not care whether it can be said that it is a job for "UNDU Wo D" and "Kosetsu"

Of course, if Shuuki senpai says Kyou, give it up. I do not want people to add everyone to my girlfriend

Absolutely, everything is modest. Nonetheless, it is unusual to insist that Adonisu want to do it

As a grandpa, I want to win Adi's wish.

However, [Chocolate Festival] is just over and physical fitness work is tough

[Chocolat festival] was a big deal, and the physical strength was cut down by preparing chocolate for preparations in advance 5

Creating chocolate and something drinking in the song

Hurry ~ "Without breathing, the work to cut down on the physical strength is hard for the aged bone

It's cool, is not it? More Gutsun Gutsun Koyo, sloppy

We are short old age. I will keep up with the young people who are responsible for the next generation, and the old people are just right enough to drink Oka on the verge.

You are appealing to the old people, oh yeah. A worry about Teme ~ is a foolish thing. The work brought by Admissions is [Rebirth Festival]

...... If it is [return festival], it would be better to leave it to the second grade. Is it OK with Kaoru-kun?

It's not okay? It's not related to sweat, sprout root like guts ~

I wonder if you asked Ansu-chan if it was Ad-no-kun.

If you feel like Ad-on-twins himself, it is better that the person who wants to do the best moves in the center

It is feeling that it is useless because the physical strength is incomplete

Around the young people, the elderly - just as good as watching the grandchild's brave appearance when walking down

Just a little, can you not keep me being "old" old?

I'm still in the end and I do not eat as much as I can call the old man even Shoko.

We are from here. When I was massaged by the rough waves, not just being thrown away, but rather even becoming strong enough to turn it into food

Even though we also participate, please do not forget that Adonis <

Feather breeze ...... Seniors tell me, right? I mean, I will not regret it when it comes to that day

Taking away all the places where Temetry's active places are active, the two-piece signboard of "UND Wo D" is also a big deal ... let me remind you

It is because I was advised that I and Adisu were so much, and I became deceived, Gahaha was shibu

It's cheeky for Hiyokko's habit, but it's fine. It's a good thing to be burning like that

I wonder if I will chat with my relaxing luncheon properly. If you are working through a lantern, you will come to the scene

Chatting is nice, but I would like my seniors to participate as much as I can

Because it is work during the day, I can not force it to the senior senior, but after introducing the athletic program the shooting at the ranch is also contradicted

If you touch animals, you will not be burdened by senior senior citizens

Oh, I like animals, I love wild animals, I also like me

Especially baby just born ... It will wear a cheek ... Wow

It is nice to be cute, but I do not care too much. I heard that such animals become stressful

Hmm. Truly, she is familiar with animals. Just for a dog

Do not say it as bored as I say, I am not a hoax but a wolf. Well, well, it's been a long time since I told you that you are a wolf.

I understand. It is natural that it is connected to a collar and a chain, and it is a matter of course to disagree with the circumstances in which the way of life is denied

Peace of mind, perseverance from hard work

Wow - Wow! You said that. Anyway Temetiru also seriously

Have a nice place for us and keep looking with your fingers sexually ...

<<, It is like that. · · · · · · · · Ah, that's right

Although it is a previous story, it's about a month. I am afraid I can not wait, I am afraid to welcome the day I feel sad

Well, I feel comfortable at all