Athletics - Chapter 4



(It is an archery to pay nothing, it is such an occasion before a big job, but there are no big jobs at the moment)

(Anyway the other day [Chocolate Festival] has just ended but it is, although [Return festival] is being approached soon)

(It will be the last drink that third graders can hand out)

(Well, 【Rebirth Festival】 will be the subject of a lower class student, and loading heavily to leave a big drupess suddenly)

(So, the inner guest is almost the same as [Shiyokola Huz)]

(There is no such thing as handmade as well as Chocolate Festival)

(There is a problem with how to operate [Shiyakora Hue] in the first place)

(I crawled with the aid for the chocolate that I made from hands (I could not cope even if I mobilize all the staff at the student council)

(As a result, I'm forced to revise internal guests, and my extra work has increased.

(There is no rule that you have to watch all the live performances of 'Unit' that will appear in 【Rebirth Festival)

(If you concentrate on singing and evening lessons by trusting the merchandise, even lower grade students will be able to survive)

(... .... "Red Moon" must decide Kanezaki alone from the production of the stage, the performance and costumes)

(I am worried ... Is it really okay with Kanzaki? Even though a lower-class student will be the main body, help is not prohibited)

(No, then he can not be independent, it is a person who watches over his heart as a demon)

Oz, Kanzaki!? What's wrong, change bloodshedness. Did you get up with any problems?

Well, when Renumido was not in the student council room, I searched around here and there. But why in the archery part?

You will have the opportunity to touch the bow as soon as you graduate

Even if I retire club activities, I am planning to go as 0B but it will be annoying if I frequently face my face

I guess Kanzaki was searching for me. It's about time to put a break, listen to the matter

Well, Rensomido. Are you interested in 'Aoichi'?

Does it look interesting? The custom of running early in the morning etc. still continues, but do not do athletic like it

Is it? I am interested in work which boasts physical strength and pride in pride ... .... I want you to decide that you do not listen to Kimono!

wait. I told you that you are proud of your physical strength and your physique. Do you have work you would like to take? Then say hello if you do

And then!

But there is no scarecrow. Do not give up before talking. If you are really motivated, try talking with enthusiasm to persuade your opponent

Perhaps his enthusiasm may be driven. Try talking. Until the chapter speaks, I will move from this place

UU. Actually ...... I was invited to go out to a program introducing "Oh my God!" From Osazu

It is because he was also there on the occasion the same

I got informed that my work content is "Asuri ichi eraira" that I mentioned earlier and that we are planning to shoot at the ranch afterwards

Although we would like to appear, but there is circumstances of Ren Midori Demorrow

I do not say it is impossible. If Rashomi-dono seems to be able to participate even a little bit, it's a letter!

You and I do not mind winning 'Ai Todori' with just Meidori dono!

I see. "Yes.

Was a preparedness to be refused with no need to ask questions because Ren Midori, the beat missed

It is Mr. Tribe who leads the future "Red Moon". That work you've been looking for, there is no objection to me. Please grow in this style

(From now on 'Red Moon' ......? If Lemumi and Dragons are graduating, 'Red Moon' will be carried on my own)

(My, I will defend the "Red Moon")

(The other day [Shigako Fetishu] was a teacher and the student councilor itself, and it was excited mainly by Rensomido and Dragons)

(But, do not rely on Renumi in the [Return] festival a month ahead of you)

(It will become our center, but I am dependent on my seniors at the moment. I am amazed and get anything)

(We have to grow so that the lotus masters can trust me "red moon" with peace of mind.Therefore I ... ... I wonder how ...)

Kanzaki? Kanzaki, you become uneasy when you keep silent. I'm so surprised that I accepted you?

Sorry! Although it is a fact that is unexpected ...... Well, the content was spirited up only by inner guests on Renumi's physical strength side -

I do not have the curtain to come out if I compete with Mr. Tono, but it is probably a program that introduces athletic construction

It is bankrupt if you can only dominate the person who is proud of your strength

It would be the real pleasure of athletics to enjoy with parents. I am training hard, do not bother your hands

Also, although you can be active in the athletic direction, you can shoot at the ranch

I do not dislike animals. I'd rather prefer it

Rensomida, shooting is scheduled after 【Return Festival】

Response of Ren Midori (I was planning to take a story about whether it was originally a chopstick breakage because it was a good feeling, but that necessity disappeared

Then, one month will be the previous story. I will have a baby birth season and there will be plenty of companions of animals at that time

Taking a picture of a landscape with an animal I guess it's time to increase the appeal by saying "It's only now that you can touch such cute animals in Lao!"

When I contact a small animal, people will smile naturally.

Also with the animal's raft, the facial expressions of the idol and the love of the animal should be quite effective

It is also the work after the dragon dragon graduates. Let 's leave it to Kanzaki on that day. Hang in there, Kanzaki. I am supporting you