Hajime - Chapter 1


Hey. Sorry, I'm sorry.

I guess. I think that something like a dirty cloth is falling down at my senior's feet, but ... ....?

That's right. Yo, it was like caught ......

I was looking for it. Today the wind is strong, so I thought that I flew in Liaoning Bear somewhere, but

Yeah, it was falling like this ... ...

Well, yes. I want to say something, but I guess.

I'm sorry, I'd like to pick up that cloth

Squatting, um, my seniors' underwear and so on ... are you seeing that ...? I am sorry!

Oh, you can pick it up. Thank you ~, I am saved

I will return this bond one day. I will do my best, I will make an effort. "" ""

Well, I'm sorry, I was delayed. I mean, I will create purple

It is my daily routine to make a selection at lunch break here.

I'm learning everyone's stage costumes, practice wearing and so on ~ Soya

There are also professional vendors, but it costs money

What I can do is to do it myself ... ...

I have to trim a lot of the first grade-like "Youth" like a little ... .... The moderation is necessary


Do not you know "Yutte"? I see, my seniors were a rumored transfer student ~

I feel like I saw her after a long time at school inside a woman ... "

It is like 'Unit', um, it is like an idle group in the school

The famous place is gorgeous and gorgeous, but it seems to be a little stupid ......

Besides, there is really no ability to live other than me ... · · ·. I seem to be a choreographer rather than an idle doll ... ...


Oh no, because La is also struggling. "" "" "Oh, I do not want to put a burden on you" "

Besides, I like selection. I feel comfortable ~, I smell good detergent ... ... Hisashi

Besides, I am doing well because I am doing laundry and so on

It is also obvious that you will be asked for chores from other "Yutte"

Well that income or whatever I know is ....

I am glad that you can help others. Besides, I am poor. ""

Oops, you talked long. Excuse me. Before the lunch break is over, do not wash and dry thoroughly ...

Well, this cloth that picked up senior car ... ...

Hey, why?

Hey. Senpai, I will ask you what to do. It would be a good idea to just pick up a chain of ninja chains ... ...

Why, such costumes were mixed for some reason ~. If you think that it is an unfamiliar fabric or a design ... ...

What is this? How can I do?

UU. Our school has a strange person too. Do not you think so, senpai?

But, I will do my best. It is poor and clumsy, though. If you make an effort, you will surely be able to reward you ... ...