Rockin Star - Chapter 10


Uw, Gyuyu!


Nah, why do you go around your nose? Please tell me something that makes Teme cry.

It was bad to say something great, stop crying, vampire Yaro ~ ......?

Ku, I just got rubbish in my eyes. Don't let down!

Anyway, can I say that this opinion is the same as me?

Oh. It will be a pretty good live depending on the ability of the bag band. We can also concentrate on the song, you won't even win ~

...... Well, even if not all of them, if there is a guitar alone then we will arrange it, will I be in charge of the guitar?

Yes !

Myung, Aren't you a candidate for your hand?

Yeah, it's interesting to play Gyu-ichi ... Blame, Gami-san?

Teme ~ [Spring Music Festival] But the trumpet was blown without difficulty, it's a problem ~

If you decide so, you will practice right away, Jiya ~ n "" ""

Well, we don't have to play the instrument, right? I was nervous because I would not be able to perform badly, so I was relieved.

Oh yeah, it's with me. I was also not confident in playing the instrument. Serve as much as you can with songs

I told you that when you were in the spring music festival.

Hey, glasses moisture

Yeah `I called ....

Don't be surprised if you grab your shoulders suddenly ~, Don't get too close to your face!

The eyes are glaring like aiming at the prey, and you have to remember the danger of yourself ~ "" "p

I heard from the eyebrows, the star. The tough one is better for Teme ~?

Hmmm, Teme ~ also aim to become a man in front of Nyashi. I reviewed it ... 靡

Oh, Ogami-kun, I'm giving up! I'm glad, but I have a bad feeling that I have a bad feeling with him ... Oh, Ogami-kun?

If you say something like that, you just need a special training that is only tough

I made a special menu for Teme ~.

No, it's a special training level for dumbbells, muscle training, or something like no repels.

There is practice of the instrument in the question, but I can't play the instrument anymore, so I can omit this from the main school

Oh, that's why I can not give up on special training. It is hard to run to strengthen your vital capacity.

It would be very helpful if there was a break during the break time ~ ...... Hi, Where did you pick up the bamboo sword?

To knock back the sweetness of the sweetness, I'll hit it with a bamboo sword-right?

Well, Teme ~ has become lonely because of my special training

But it's still not. I'll train more and lose Teme ~ to bodybuilders 1 ~ about ム ム ム や よ

The direction hasn't been a problem! I knew Okami-kun's love for special training, but I'm aiming for an idle? Don't forget there ~!