Rockin Star - Chapter 6


I could not hear it clearly because I was over the door, but I would like to cooperate if Mr. Gami is put in a troubled situation?


No, let me cooperate, please.


I too ... Ogami-kun was scattered, but I will help you before it is likely to die


I would have been able to get along well by the special training so far ....


Yunit is different, and it may be a great help. But when I'm pinching, I think I'll help each other


Hm. As Mystery-kun understands that she is good at wandering relationships, until Yugi-kun goes


It would have been ignorant just a little while ago to be envy

However, recently I have been getting along well, and it may not be strange to think of me

Kukuku. More than I think, I have been rewarded with dog. La, who has good friends, is happy with her grandpa. ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・

However, I do not appreciate that Myojo-kun and Yugi-kun say so, but it is not possible to obtain permission from Hiei-kun.

"T" iCk $ ta "" 's lid is ice

The problem that the dog is facing is the fact that searching for “unitto” that will participate in “LOCK ス” and “UND D D 印”

賽 ん 賽 3 解 〈〈〈れ る 解決 解決 解決 解決 解決 解決

I'm going to see through my motivation to the end, but I'm not so mean that I'll give up when I'm sorry

Well, the stars are full of motivation, but I wonder if the ice recommender says "yes" ...?

Let's leave it up, let's run one and persuade it, I'll do it!

Oh, wait, I am waiting for you! Don't leave it because I will go ~

It's a lively evening and a lively evening ...

Aoi-chan shouldn't have to come close to the stars?

I'm sure I said, "I will find another pair with my power."

He said he would not withdraw, but why is it so strange to cooperate with Trickstar?

Do you know ... If you ask "Trickstar" for help, you know that the problem will be solved soon. I did not do that

Perhaps you didn't want to bother your friends. The dog is exclusive but the person who once put in a pocket is a brute

Doggy eyes are aware that they are not aware of it, but I am forgiving my heart to Myster-kun and Yuki-kun

It's fun when you're talking back to the evidence.

I'm just backing up. Well, I said that I would not cooperate, I broke my promise when I helped

When it comes to grandpa, it is so sweet, even if the heart is a demon

The dog may be scolded as "Teme-break the promise ~ ~"

Please accept it and accept it, I will also ... Because I want you to be smiling

Well, I-sleep. Please wake me up when the stars return