Ballroom Collab - Chapter 1


ぇ ~, Ohongo


Mr. Kiyoharu Hyodo, Mr. Kagoshi Akagi ... Are you ready?


It is strange. Although it is a promised time question, I can not see his appearance. Please, look for a boy


What are you doing?

If you're unhappy, it's okay if you're back home alone, because even if you ask the chairman at that time, you won't know how to be jealous.

~~ "" ". But ~~, I don't feel nervous

Is this necessary? Already, "fine" is the strongest in the school, "Yunitt", but purposely call a teacher and dance lessons and stalk ~?

And what did you invite this time to a ballroom dance teacher? Can you teach dance to your idle?

I do not want to put a strange habit but .... It's a ballroom dance, sometimes a party or something

That's what I've heard in social places several times, but I'm not good at it

I'm always around, I'm just an adult, I'm feeling I'm going to swing

Well, that's what the chairman decided, and Poku will not complain until now

But. Why bother Pok have to meet the dance teacher?

$ ゝ $ ゝ. I will ask you for a lesson, and will it be natural that you are the customer 5

As a courtesy, I also have to fall in love with lowering my head

There is no need to sell at a discount, but

We are the poorest person in "fine", and we have to accept such instructions for using the booth as well.

I'm getting used to it.

(If you request too much, I will protect you with pride even if I shield my body.

Naturally, that's a bowstring job

・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・?

That's why I was really called a lecturer!

Aren't you getting along?

Apparently "fine" ... I was called by a group of idles, who is called one of the team members at the team office.

This `` 困 ““ “" "" ぅ ぅ ??

Hm? What is it that someone gives up at the reception, right?

Found $ ゝ. It is a typical feature of Yumeku Saki Gakuin

We have a good attitude because we have a famous adolescent school, etc., but it is too old for security guards

It seems that the transfer student was also having trouble getting stopped at the reception desk many times at the beginning of admission

Unexpectedly exclusive ~ ~ ~ Yume no Saki Gakuin .... I'm an idle, so why not open the door to the world?

A long time ago, I {school was bad security, I guess ... that would remain

Anyway. Ah, I was asking for a thing that would not be heard

Yeah, I said "fine". Are you Pok's Juan?

$ し て $ ち ち ち ち ち し て ア ン ビ ス ビ ス》》

Oh, I'm a fool!

Eh, what? Why, there is a small idiot in the school ... ... '?

Well, did you say something rude? You, my fan, what's wrong?

Well, sorry .... I don't know you, I'm not familiar with the idle idle

Excuse me. Well, I mentioned earlier that the lecturer was talking

It is different from the photo of the face, but maybe Mr. Kiyoharu Hyodo or Mr. Akashiro Kaju?

兵 兵 兵 ん ん に?

No, no! I am Tata Fujita, who will be giving a dance lecturer together!

I do not hear such a story ..... Excuse me, I will confirm to the chairman

ぇ ~, Are you a real lecturer?

$ ゝ $ ゝ. It is a second style that shows talents and acts

The real thing is something that is unbelievable enough to know so from the side

...... Certainly, your standing is elegant. Is attitude good?

Well, I fixed my attitude. It was one of the ways to stand, because I was told that the eyes of people would change

Disrespect. Report from the chairman on the in-house SNS, this way ... Mr. Fujita?

Mr. Fujita is definitely our dance instructor for "fine"

Thank you for your hard work and Mako today.

Oh, yes! I was asked suddenly so I don't really know what to do, but I will do my best!

Today, I hope you are good!

璽 ゝ $ ゝ. Because I am a teacher, I will make it a great success.

Oh, I'm sorry! This is the first time this kind of, so a little nervous "" "g

$ ゝ $ ゝ. There is no need to apologize, it feels good

Thank you again today. ...... 丿 丿 学院